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The Antiques and Art world has always been a very sensitive area where it is not easy to navigate.

To guarantee all the expertise and transparency that are required by our commitment to product quality, Di Mano in Mano for some years now investresources and energy in the professional development of its members through specialized courses and study, and collaborates with experts from various sectors providing timely certification of the objects from all points of view, from authenticity to their legal origin.

Here are the certificates offered by Di Mano in Mano, direction and quality of our work, to always offer the best to our customers.

The Legal Origin Certificate

The Legal Origin Certificate is a private document certifying that the good that I'm buying is legitimate and has safe sources, that has not been stolen and that is passing the property.

The document will contain all the following informations for the safety of our customer:

  • seller's contact details (Di Mano in Mano);
  • data of the buyer (Customer);
  • description of the goods purchased;
  • references;
  • internal code of the product;
  • product photos.

With this document we specify who was the owner and who will be the future owner.

With this document, the customer can be sure that if in the future, questions arise over legal origin thereof, Di Mano in Mano accepts the responsibility of freeing the client from any legal action to defend the legality of the property.

The Certificate of Authenticity

The Certificate of Authenticity is a document, issued only by an Expert registered with the Italian surveyors and recognized by the Milan Court that certifies the authenticity, the origin and history.

On the document will be mentioned the following informations:

  • the object name;
  • description of the product;
  • stamp and signature of the Expert;
  • product photos.


The Authenticity is a document, released exclusively by Di Mano in Mano attesting the data of the art work.

The document will contain the following informations:

  • the Author's name;
  • the artistic technique used;
  • the work art dimensions;
  • the possible number of exemplary;
  • product photos.


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