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Di Mano in Mano is a relatively young reality in the E-commerce world that founded its roots in a solid and successful past in the field of Antiques, Modern design and Art. This is the result of the intuitive idea to create a constant union between innovation and experience.


We are a Social Company, active for more than 25 years on the Italian territory, we have our roots in the experience of the Villapizzone and Castellazzo Communities.

The activity, initially born to sustain the community families, evolved and structured itself as Cooperative Di Mano in Mano that has 50 partners, 15 employees and 27/30 disadvantaged people. It’s one of the most important reality of this genre in Italy.

Since 2008, with our arrival on the web, all the products from the cooperative are available with just a click. The market has amazingly increased, also because our clients are spread all over the world.

Soon, thanks to the care and historical research of every single product and to us always being a step ahead of competition, Di mano in Mano gradually became a reference in Antiques and Modern Design sectors for all the province of Milan first ( especially in the 90s ) and subsequently for all the Italian National territory.

This will initiate a process of specialization in the field of Antiques and Modern Design, of Art and Books that is leading continuous increase of our experience in the commercial, technical and historical bibliography milieu.


In 2008 the web idea was born, a complementary reality to the classic boutique, that saw the design of a website able to offer to all Italian passionate, the best articles that are not easily found on the market at competitive prices.

In the beginning, the online context was characterized by a very low level of trust, especially in Italy. This is the reason why we try to gain the trust of our clients by offering them a professional, serious and transparent service, also by assisting them in their first purchases. It is exactly thanks to their satisfaction and their positive reviews to friends that our website is enlarging.

In 2015, experience and innovation became one and gave life to a reality that soon became the most important and the most known at the national level: Di Mano in Mano

Our choice was to combine passion and competencies in the process of evaluating the art of the Antiques using modern and adequate instruments to maximize the possibility to be found on the market. Our great and intense action online via our own websites has helped us to reach and retain a large target of clients, at the National level for the Italian Antiques and at the International level for the excellent and Designer material.

The Turning point

Soon the continuous increase of orders and the increasingly demand for new products has constrained Di Mano in Mano to start a complete renewal that will lead to a breakthrough in 2011.

Di Mano in Mano decides to enlarge its stock buying a logistical and operational detachment of over 4000 square meters at the gates of Milan powered by eco sustainable energy (with a strong reduction of CO2 emissions) near the most important road junctions.

A new logistical system was implemented and accelerated the shipments while and also reducing the errors.

A new website was also launched with features and renewed graphics.

Our Commitment to the Customer

We continue to engage ourselves day by day to give a better buying experience to the clients without losing focus on the cardinal aspect that distinguish us.

Knowing exactly the meaning of being passionate and always in search, we put ourselves in the shoes of the customer to find out how it should be and the services that will guarantee trust to our online store. We therefore try to propose a catalog in constant expansion, keeping ourselves update by hearing from you and discussing directly with you to know your precise opinion in order to help you choose your future purchases. We want to be always ready to satisfy your most demanding requests.


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